Let’s Talk Self-Driving

Self-driving cars can transform our lives.

Imagine climbing into the backseat of a car and just pushing a button to go. You don’t have to drive at all. Your driver—the car—handles all of it, while staying constantly vigilant and seeing 360 degrees all around you. Everyone moves around safely, drunk and distracted driving become a thing of the past and we all get time back in our day.

For many of us, fully self-driving cars will not just be a convenience, they’ll be critical to our future.

Let’s talk about it.

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Because we should all get home safe.

National safety council

Because we should all get home safe.

Even the world’s most attentive driver is not immune to the dangerous behaviors of others on the road. Human error is involved in 94 percent of today’s crashes. People’s lives can change in a split second because someone in a nearby vehicle is driving under the influence, texting, speeding or dozing off.

Why we’re talking self-driving:



Every 7 seconds, someone is hurt in a car crash



On an average day more than 100 people are killed in crashes



Currently about 40,000 Americans are dying on our roads each year

Even as self-driving technology is tested and perfected, the National Safety Council is committed to making today’s roads safer. Some of our road safety initiatives for today’s drivers include the Road to Zero Coalition, MyCarDoesWhat and Check To Protect.

Visit the National Safety Council website
Because age shouldn’t slow anyone down.

Foundation for senior living

Because age shouldn’t slow anyone down.

After decades of being able to come and go freely, losing one’s car keys can feel like a huge loss. The world is still waiting—and we shouldn’t have to slow down or be stuck at home.

Why we’re talking self-driving:



There are over 45 million people in the U.S. age 65 or older



80% of people over age 65 live in vehicle-dependent suburbs



51% of people age 75 and older live alone

At Foundation for Senior Living, we’re committed to improving the quality of life for seniors. We believe that self-driving cars will enable everyone, regardless of age, to get around and keep their independence.

Visit the Foundation for Senior Living website
Because we can end drunk driving.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving

Because we can end drunk driving.

There are over 10,000 deaths a year due to drunk driving—each and every one of them 100% preventable. We’re working towards a world where there will be no more victims.

Why we’re talking self-driving:



Drunk driving is the #1 cause of death on roadways



Someone is killed every 51 minutes and hurt every 2 minutes in a drunk driving crash



2 out of 3 people will be impacted by a drunk driving crash in their lifetime

We are proud to support self-driving car technology that will protect our families and our roads from the preventable choices of drunk driving.

Visit the Mothers Against Drunk Driving website.
Because everyone wants independence.

Foundation for Blind Children

Because everyone wants independence.

For many of us, driving isn’t an option. This means constantly relying on others to get around. Fully self-driving cars offer life-changing freedom, independence and spontaneity.

Why we’re talking self-driving:



An estimated 1.3 million people in the U.S. are legally blind



It is projected that the number of people with legal blindness will reach 2 million by 2050



678,000 young people between ages 4 and 20 reported a visual disability

At Foundation for Blind Children, we believe vision loss is a diagnosis, not a disability. Fully self-driving cars will help everyone with vision loss be independent.

Visit the Foundation for Blind Children website.
Because our time is valuable.

East Valley Partnership

Because our time is valuable.

Commuting to work can take hours out of the week. That’s time that could be spent pursuing more meaningful projects or relaxing as the day finally winds down.

Why we’re talking self-driving:



Americans spend 50 minutes on average commuting back and forth every day



In Arizona, the average one-way trip to work takes 28 minutes



We lose $160 billion a year due to traffic in the U.S.

East Valley Partnership is proud that our region’s innovative business climate supports the future of autonomous transportation. That’s why we’re pleased to partner with Waymo to create the transportation of the future, to reduce congestion on the road, ensure driver safety and get people where they need to go.

Visit the East Valley Partnership website.
Car Photo

Bringing fully self-driving cars to you

Waymo began as the Google self-driving car project in 2009. We're working to build the world's most experienced driver, with over 7 million miles self-driven to date. Our mission is to make it safe and easy for everyone to get around.

Today, our vehicles are test-driving on public roads without anyone in the driver's seat. Step into our immersive 360° video to learn how Waymo's fully self-driving cars "see" all around them and what it's like to ride in one.

Watch 360° Video

For more information, read our safety report to learn how we think about safety by design, or visit our website.

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