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10 Innovations That Make Driving Safer, and What Comes Next

June is National Safety Month, an important time to continue the dialogue about road safety, how far we’ve come, and where we are going.

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How rider feedback shapes Waymo’s fully autonomous ride-hailing service

When riders provide feedback to autonomous technology company Waymo, their input helps shape the future of a technology that could transform how people and things move around.


Study tests the limits of driver-assist systems

New AAA study finds issues with active driver assistance systems (ADAS).


Autonowashing: What it is and why it matters

Watch Liza Dixon, usability engineer and researcher in the field of human-centered automation, explain “autonowashing,” and stress why understanding the different levels of autonomy matters.

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Your Top Self-Driving Technology Questions Answered

Answers to the top self-driving technology questions you are wondering about.

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Examples of Automation That Raised Eyebrows Before Becoming Mainstream

Although people have traditionally been somewhat skeptical or cautious when it comes to new technology, history shows that humans are more comfortable with automation than we might think.

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How Autonomous Vehicles Are Like Email, According to an Engineer

“Autonomous vehicles are like email.” It’s a curious analogy and the topic of a lively discussion on a recent episode of the Same Same but Tech podcast series.

Car Crashes Don’t Seem Preventable – But Are They?

What if we developed technology that could help prevent car crashes from happening in the first place?