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10 Innovations That Make Driving Safer, and What Comes Next

June is National Safety Month, an important time to continue the dialogue about road safety, how far we’ve come, and where we are going.

Partnered with National Safety Council

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New AP Stylebook Guidance Clarifies Language We Use About Self-Driving

The Associated Press Stylebook, long used as a touchstone for guidance on correct use of language in news, announced a historic update that is sure to clarify and shape conversations around self-driving technology and autonomous vehicles.

Your Top Self-Driving Safety Questions Answered

As fully self-driving cars become a more common sight on America’s roadways, you’re probably curious about what that means for road safety. We’ve answered your top questions about fully self-driving cars, in addition to compiling the helpful research you need to feel better informed about this new technology.

Ride Into a Safer Future: A Self-Driving Curriculum

Learn what every teenager should know about road safety and get an inside look at the future of fully self-driving technology with this self-guided curriculum for high schoolers.

The Future of Freight is Happening Now

Waymo’s Matt Carroll speaks with Michael and Aaron of the "Trucking for Millennials" podcast about the evolution of automated trucking and how self-driving technology could help make the trucking industry even stronger.

Drug-impaired driving makes our roads less safe

We all want to arrive at our destinations safely. As summer vacation season peaks and highways fill with millions of travelers, it is important to continue to be aware of some of the major factors impacting road safety.

Here are five ways Waymo prioritizes safety

To celebrate June as National Safety Month, let’s explore how safety is built into fully self-driving car technology. Here, we’ll take a look at a few of the ways Waymo’s fully self-driving vehicles are designed with safety built in to protect everyone on the road, from passengers to cyclists and other road users and even first responders.