Self-driving technology can transform lives

AAA School Safety Patrol students join the self-driving conversation

"I’m excited to be here today because I want to test the Waymo cars and give my opinion."

National Safety Council - Our Mission is Safety

"We can double down on what we know works, accelerating the adoption of vehicle technology to help save lives."

A business leader welcomes the self-driving future

"It's that entrepreneurial spirit that thrives in the desert… we're innovative, not because we want to be innovative; we're innovative because it's who we are."

Envisioning a world with no more drunk driving deaths

"No more victims. That would be my vision."

A veteran driven by a love of learning

"We have to convince people in their hearts and minds that technology can be safe and they can trust it."

A musician gets his groove back

"When you lose the ability to drive, you do lose your independence."

A new way to navigate the world

"A significant challenge of being blind is the issue of transportation because I can't drive."

One mother takes on a traffic safety epidemic

"People need to start admitting that they make the mistake of distracted driving."

We're imagining a better future where we're all connected.

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